ESI is Proud to Announce Daniel Miles as Vice President and Associate Principal

We are excited to announce that effective July 1, 2017, Daniel Miles has been promoted to Vice President and Associate Principal of Econsult Solutions.

He now joins the four principals, Stephen P. Mullin, Richard Voith, Peter Angelides, and Lee Huang, in having a share of ownership in Econsult Solutions and in holding joint responsibility of business development and operation of the firm.

Daniel has been a long-standing member of the ESI family. He first came to Econsult Corporation in Summer 2008 as an intern, and then served as an Analyst for over 3 years from 2008 to 2011. He has been a Director at Econsult Solutions since 2013. The firm prides itself on being a place with real upward growth opportunity, and Daniel is a great example of that.

“Daniel has been one of the cornerstones of ESI’s high quality analysis. He has worked tirelessly to deliver superior value to our clients and has shown great dedication to growing the firm. We are privileged to have Daniel become a Principal of the firm and are excited to see the impact he will make on our strategic direction,”  said ESI President and Principal, Richard Voith.

At ESI, Daniel leads economic analysis projects across a variety of sectors and industries, including commercial corridors, affordable housing, neighborhood change, real estate development, economic development, public finance, economic and fiscal impacts, and financial modeling. He has also been instrumental in the launch of Thoughtlab, an ESI joint venture that delivers evidence-based thought leadership.

The principals are eager to work more closely with Daniel and support him as he leans into his new responsibilities. Please join all of us in congratulating Daniel for this promotion and connect with him directly via email: [email protected].

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