In December 2010 Econsult published a report on the Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Proposed New Jersey Intrastate i-Gaming Bill.

The Christie administration’s estimate that online gambling will raise $180 million in state tax revenues in its first year is about $140 million higher than the predictions by two research firms, one released last week and the other commissioned by the industry itself in 2010.State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff said the administration’s figure is based on a third report, issued in January by Wells Fargo Securities, which said the online gaming industry in the state could grow to $1.5 billion annually after five years. Sidamon-Eristoff pegged the first year’s in-come at $1.2 billion, with state tax revenues representing 15 percent of that number.However, a study issued last week by Gambling Data, an industry research firm, offered a far more conservative viewpoint, estimating overall online gaming revenues in Year One at $261.9 million — which would lead to a 15 percent base tax rate of $39.3 million in money for the state.That analysis was echoed in a December 2010 report by Philadelphia-based Econsult Corp.  for the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, known as iMega, which is the online gambling industry’s lobbying arm. It estimated $210 million to $260 million in “short-run” revenues, working out to $31.5 million to $39 million in state tax revenues.

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