The Business Journals’ “Social Madness” is a one-of-a-kind local and national challenge that engage companies in 43 cities and the country at large to connect and integrate social media with a focus on social awareness.

Last year, nearly 4,000 companies participated, together generating nearly three-quarters of a million votes, 14 million new Facebook likes, 2.2 million new Twitter followers, and more than 202,000 new LinkedIn Connections. Charities received $30,000 cash on behalf of our national champions.

The goal is to shine a spotlight on the power of social media and call attention to the innovative best practices deployed by companies around the country. The method for doing so is this fun corporate challenge, which taps into the business community’s love of competition as well as its thirst for learning. Ultimately, by covering companies and their successful social-media techniques, Social Madness is about helping our readers be more successful in the marketplace.

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