(Real Estate Weekly) quoted ESI President Dick Voith in an article called “Good, bad or ugly? What’s ahead for the US Economy”, on his panel discussion in the Counselors of Real Estate’s Midyear Conference in Austin, Texas. The three-day event is noted for bringing together leaders from around the world, offering balanced perspectives on the most critical issues affecting real estate. The article highlights how the panel of experienced economists mostly agreed that the U.S. economy is on the upswing. featured a few words from Dick Voith on his view on the current and future trends of the real estate industry.

An excerpt from Dick Voith’s panel discussion cited in “Good, bad or ugly? What’s ahead for the US Economy”:

“The U.S. is not experiencing high inflation or high mortgage interest rates,” said Voith. “This is a time that it would make sense to begin infrastructure investment, including roads.” > Read More Online


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