ESI has released its economic impact analysis of Rutgers University athletics and how the university’s athletics programs will continue to evolve into the future as a member of the Big Ten Conference.

ESI’s study examined the current operating budgets and facilities of Rutgers’ athletic department and found that, between university and visitor spending, it is currently responsible for $29 million in output, support of 310 jobs and $720,000 in taxes to New Jersey. Those numbers are expected to jump in the coming years as the athletic department adjusts to the Big Ten. 

Previously a member of the smaller American Athletic Conference, Rutgers officially joined the larger Big Ten in 2014.

The study also recommends Rutgers improve its athletic facilities to help keep pace with its Big Ten peers. Rutgers’ football stadium currently has third-smallest seating capacity in the conference while its basketball arena currently has the smallest seating capacity in the conference.

ESI’s findings have garnered quite a bit of attention from the local media that covers Rutgers. Examples of media coverage can be found by clicking the links to here and here.

To download and read the report in its entirety, click here.

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