ESI is a proud sponsor of the Opportunities Industrialization Center’s (OIC) 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration & Conference on June 14th, 2014. What started as a vision became a movement.  In 1964, the late Reverend Leon H. Sullivan founded the Opportunities Industrialization Center (also known as OIC) with one mission in mind: “Helping People Help Themselves”.  And, for 50 years, OIC, beginning with the Philadelphia OIC as the flagship, created a network of national and international affiliates which have served over 3.3 million people through education, training, job placement, supportive human services and business development.

This event offered an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with old friends, colleagues, staff, current students, alumni, volunteers, corporate, and church supporters within the movement. The four day celebration included informative workshops, a health fair, a black tie gala, and appearances by very special guests and awardees. > Read More Online


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