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ESI ThoughtLab is pleased to announce that Michael Geach has joined as Director of Business Development. In this role, Michael will help our clients develop high-impact thought leadership programs that draw on our firm’s unparalleled analytical and economic modeling capabilities. Michael will facilitate the successful execution of thought leadership initiatives for our clients – from understanding the client’s business objectives, to coordinating ESI ThoughtLab’s research resources, to ultimately ensuring that projects resonate in the marketplace.

Michael is a thought leadership professional, with many years of experience working with  top media brands, including the FT, the Economist, CNBC, and the International Herald Tribune. He specializes in building strategic thought leadership programs directly with public- and private-sector organizations, as well as collaborating with PR and advertising firms. A keen practitioner of Tai Chi, Michael lives in Westchester, NY with his wife, Robyn, and a large Maine Coon cat, Jasper.

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