ESI’s PUMS Data and Infographic Featured in PlanPhilly Story on Car Access in Philadelphia

PUMS header pic

ESI’s Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) work on car access in Philadelphia and accompanying infographics were featured in an article published on on Wednesday, April 15.

Spearheaded by ESI’s Ethan Connor-Ross and Rinoa Guo, the PUMS work sought to answer questions regarding demographics of drivers in Philadelphia and the distributional impact of policies that make car ownership more or less expensive.

Cars in Center City PUMS

Among ESI’s findings:

  • More households and workers have access to a car citywide than in Center City
  • Car access with workers increases with income level
  • Car access is lower for workers with less than a high school education
  • Homeowners are more likely to have car access than renters

To read the entire story and rest of the findings and view the infographics, click here.

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