The Economic Impact of Green City, Clean Waters: The First Five Years

ESI was commissioned by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia to articulate the local economic impact of Green City, Clean Waters (GCCW), an ambitious initiative of the Philadelphia Water Department that seeks to invest in green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) projects throughout the City of Philadelphia. GCCW fulfills federally established water quality requirements in ways that are simultaneously environmentally sustainable, positive for the local economy, and beneficial to neighborhoods throughout the City.

Green City, Clean Waters’ triple bottom line benefits include:

  • Economics: Green infrastructure provides a more affordable approach for Philadelphia and rate payers, circulates more dollars with the local business community, and improves property values.
  • Environment: Green infrastructure is less energy intensive than gray infrastructure, provides water and air quality improvements, enhances habitats, reduces the carbon footprint, provides an aggregate cooling effect, and enhances adaptability and resiliency.
  • Equity: Green infrastructure creates more neighborhood benefits and more accessible employment/business opportunities than gray infrastructure.

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