Press Release: Econsult Solutions & Roubini ThoughtLab Team Up

Econsult Solutions and Roubini ThoughtLab Team Up to Create Analytics-Driven Thought Leadership and Decision Support


New York, NY (September 7, 2016) – Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI), one of the Northeast’s premier economic and strategic consulting firms, and Roubini ThoughtLab, a leading thought leadership consultancy, are proud to announce a partnership to provide bespoke evidence-based thought leadership and analytical insights to organizations seeking to advance their strategic communication, client outreach, and internal decision-making processes.

The new joint venture will combine Roubini ThoughtLab’s world-class editorial, research, and macroeconomic resources with ESI’s broad economic capabilities and extensive economic advisory network. By joining forces with ESI, Roubini ThoughtLab will be uniquely positioned to provide next-generation thought leadership that sits at the intersection of visionary thinking, unique quantitative insights and compelling 360-degree outreach.

Thought leadership for the analytics age

The joint venture will build on Roubini ThoughtLab’s extensive survey and interview capabilities, which include the ability to survey and interview executives, consumers, and investors across countries, industries, functions, and languages. To meet the need of clients in today’s analytics age, the joint venture will extract deeper meaning from survey findings through expert opinion, advisory panels, and the application of ESI’s advanced quantitative techniques, including:

  • Econometric modeling and statistical analysis;
  • Economic-impact and cost-benefit analysis;
  • Correlation and cluster analysis:
  • Geospatial and location analysis; and
  • Economic forecasting and scenario mapping.

“Our goal is to make Roubini ThoughtLab an incubator for truly innovative thinking that will help executives decipher and respond to transformative change in today’s fluid marketplace,” said Lou Celi, CEO and Founder of Roubini ThoughtLab.  “Our partnership with ESI will extend our firm’s ability to provide expert opinion and analytical rigor across a range of industries, countries, management issues and social concerns.”

A new model for decision-making 

The joint venture will aim to help executives make decisions in today’s complex, interconnected world, where change can come suddenly with cascading global implications and hard-to-predict business impacts.  Understanding these trends requires a new mixed-methods research approach, which Roubini ThoughtLab and ESI are developing by blending advanced analytical tools with best-of-breed qualitative analysis and expert opinion.

Roubini ThoughtLab will continue to work with its global network of alliance partners, such as the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, the Fortune Knowledge Group, and HBR Analytics Services, all highly respected brands in economic and social analysis, academic thinking, and media outreach. As a collaborative enterprise, Roubini ThoughtLab can assemble the right multidisciplinary research team for each project and help package and deliver the analysis to the target audience.

The role of Econsult Solutions

Since its creation in 2012, ESI has become one of the preferred providers of economic analyses, producing insightful evidence-based research for a wide range of clients across multiple sectors and industries. ESI has forged its reputation on being able to bridge the gap between analytical expertise and accessible narrative.

“We are delighted to join forces with Roubini ThoughtLab, a firm that has managed to reach a leadership position in this space, and we look forward providing the sophisticated analytic capabilities that will enable their highly focused, global-scale research provide new perspectives and insights on cutting edge issues” said Dick Voith, ESI President. “As the firm continues to expand, our main focus remains on providing our clients with impactful solutions they can trust”.

The management board of Roubini ThoughtLab will include CEO Lou Celi and Commercial Director Barry Rutizer together with Dick Voith and Peter Angelides, both principals at Econsult Solutions. To ensure continuity, the joint venture will retain the Roubini ThoughtLab name and the continued participation of noted economist, Dr. Nouriel Roubini, who will serve as the company’s Special Advisor.


About Econsult Solutions, Inc.

Econsult Solutions, Inc. provides insights into economic problems, business issues, policy questions, and strategic thinking. The firm specializes in economic analysis and applied economics, with technical expertise in economic and quantitative analysis, including cost-benefit analysis, economic and fiscal impact analysis, and financial and economic modeling. Practice areas include transport, economic development, public policy, and finance.  ESI is increasingly applying this experience to macroeconomic and international issues.

With a team of over 20 economists, Econsult Solutions, Inc. has outstanding professional and academic credentials, including active positions at the university level, wide experience at the highest levels of the public policy process and extensive consulting experience.

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Contact: Richard Voith, President / [email protected] / 215-717-2777

Stephen Mullin, President / [email protected] / 215-717-2777


About Roubini ThoughtLab

Roubini ThoughtLab is a trend-setting thought leadership consultancy providing fresh management thinking and decision support to help business and government leaders cope with transformative change. By applying the latest analytical tools, predictive models, and expert opinion, we provide actionable insight into future megatrends and their impact on the world.  We specialize in creating 360° thought leadership that sits at the intersection of visionary thinking, analytical insights, and cross-media outreach.

An agile, collaborative enterprise, Roubini ThoughtLab draws on the diverse skills of its in-house team, global expert network, and alliance partners to fill any or all thought leadership needs—from surveys, interviews, and advisory boards, to analytical tools, indexes and econometric models, to white papers, social media, and infographics.

Roubini ThoughtLab is a joint venture with Econsult Solutions, a leading economic consultancy with links to academia. It was founded in 2015 by noted economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini and Lou Celi, a pioneer in thought leadership and digital publishing.

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Contact: Louis Celi, Founder and Chief Executive / [email protected]



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