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Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 and until further notice, Econsult Solutions is having staff members work from home. This form of “social distancing” has been implemented with the safety of our staff and the community at large in mind. We have instituted all necessary remote-working features and remain open for business, hard at work on current engagements and eager to hear how we can support your needs. 

These are extraordinary times. The global pandemic has reached every aspect of every life in every corner of the world. More than ever, ESI stands ready to apply economics, strategy, and insight to help you move forward. Be on the lookout for additional content on our blog, Present Value. Together we will emerge stronger and wiser. 

“The smart city was the wrong idea pitched in the wrong way to the wrong people. It never answered the question: ‘How is it tangibly, materially going to affect the way people live, work, and play?”

– Dan Hill, professor and innovator-in-residence, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


As technological, demographic, and economic shifts redefine urban centers, local government and business leaders need an updated vision and business plan for the future, with the performance gains to be achieved. To provide them with the required decision support and ROI analytics, ThoughtLab is launching a ground-breaking research program in conjunction with a coalition of organizations that have a stake in the cities of the future.

Unlike other research on this topic, our economists will produce compelling, evidence-based research that provides a clear business case for investment–not just in digital technology, but in essential infrastructure, optimal land use patterns, human capital, and civic institutions.

We are now setting up a coalition of sponsors and experts across industries; contact us to find out how you can get in on the ground floor and gain exclusive access to the full research results.

Our study will address key questions facing today’s business leaders and local government

  • What are the characteristics of the successful smart city of the future?
  • In what ways will smarter cities of the future create value for consumers, businesses, and the local government in the future?
  • ​​How will technological, demographic, and market shifts transform local consumer behaviors and business strategies?
  • ​​Do smart cities need to get smarter? What are the applications for AI, blockchain, and other new game-changing technologies?
  • ​​How can cities ensure their future position as future hubs of talent, business, and innovation?
  • ​​What technological solutions can cities apply to improve economic opportunity and living standards for all citizens?
  • ​How can smart cities fund their future plans? Which innovative financing solutions will work best in the future?

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