Smarter Cities 2025

Building a Sustainable Business and Financing Plan

In today’s digital age, becoming a smart city is vital for attracting business, residents, tourists, and talent, and for ultimately fostering growth and prosperity. But the path to a smart city future is often unclear to urban leaders, who require a deeper grasp of the approaches that will drive the best results.

To provide cities with a more effective roadmap, ESI ThoughtLab teamed up with a coalition of organizations with urban and technology expertise to conduct ground-breaking research into the impact of smart city solutions on urban performance.

Our analysis enabled us to answer three crucial questions facing today’s local governments:

  • What are the characteristics of successful smart cities, and how do they create value for residents, businesses, and local government?
  • What is the most effective path to becoming a smart city, and how do you need to adjust it for your city’s unique economic and social footprint?
  • What are the quantifiable direct, indirect, and catalytic benefits of smart city investments? Which approaches will have the biggest impact on business growth, economic competitiveness, and living standards?

Click here for full details on the Smarter Cities 2025 program.

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