Spatial Data Science Conference

On October 18 and 19, an ESI cohort attended the Spatial Data Science Conference in New York City. Here, they learned about new techniques for and applications of spatial data science. The first day of the conference consisted of 11 workshops with industry specialists. Day 2, which was the main conference, had 20 short presentations about specific applications, in addition to the presentation of the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year awarded to Kyle Walker. 

Hear from a few of the attendees below: 

“I had a great time at the SDSC conference and workshops, where I explored cutting-edge spatial data science methods. I gained knowledge about various topics, including H3 spatial data indexing, GWR spatial data regression, and using Snowflake’s data warehouse with Carto’s spatial functions. Overall, this experience has inspired me to think about how to apply these advanced technologies in socioeconomic and spatial analysis at ESI.” – Angel Zhong, Analyst 

“I enjoyed learning about a diverse set of use cases on spatial/temporal data and reflecting on my work in economic development consulting, especially in how we can further integrate these data to help our clients evaluate economic and social impacts on policy programs and investment decisions across communities and over time.” – Joyce Liu, Associate Director 

 Watch an overview of the conference here:

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