Following the Amtrak train derailment on May 12, ESI president and principal Stephen Mullin was featured in articles on Newsworks and about the potential economic impacts the derailment could have, especially to Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

Mullin’s message was that the derailment would hurt the area’s economy in the days following the accident, but that the area’s economy would be back to normal shortly thereafter.

“People will adjust their schedules and adjust their behavior. So even after the first couple of days, the sort of disruptive impact will be lessened here,” he told Newsworks.

“If there was something that shut down like transatlantic flights where the only alternative is taking a boat, there would be a bigger impact, but here there are alternatives,” he said to TIME.

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Mullin’s experience as a Northeast Corridor train traveler on the day of the derailment was highlighted in a Metro New York article. To read that article, click here.

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