Econsult Solutions Inc. President and Principal, Stephen Mullin, was quoted in the Philadelphia Business Journal article, The Making of a Building Boom, on the subject of Philadelphia’s rapidly changing skyline.

Stephen P. Mullin, president at Econsult Solutions Inc., said Philadelphia has a “latent supply” of construction labor.

He went on to further discuss the implications for the boom:

A construction boom underscores a bigger trend at work, Mullin of Econsult said. It’s in response to a city embracing demographic shifts in people, including immigrants, wanting to live in urban areas. It’s an adjustment in people’s behavior on where they want to live, relax and shop, he said.

“There’s strength in that,” said Mullin. “Philadelphia is an attractive place to live and the vibe and vitality of the city is infectious and generating a ton of infrastructure and capital investment to the tune of billions of dollars. We are nowhere near the end of that.”

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