The Cybersecurity Imperative

By 2021, cybercrime is likely to cost the world $6 trillion annually according to Cybersecurity Ventures—more than the combined GDP of the UK and France. As companies embrace the latest digital solutions and respond to rising regulations, cybersecurity has become a top management priority across industries and markets.   

But cybersecurity is a moving target: as companies embrace new technologies, so do hackers. The reluctance of firms to share cybersecurity information makes benchmarking and planning more challenging. 

To fill this gap, ESI and its joint venture partner, ESI Thoughtlab worked with WSJ Pro Cybersecurity and a group of prominent organizations to launch The Cybersecurity Imperative, a thought leadership program drawing on rigorous global research and analysis. As part of this program, our team surveyed 1,300 organizations across industries and countries, conducted advisory meetings and interviews with leading experts and practitioners, and developed analytical tools to benchmark approaches and assess performance impacts. 




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