The Positive Impact of RURCBOG on the City of Camden

Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) generated the third of three reports in a series commissioned by The Rowan University/Rutgers-Camden Board of Governors (RURCBOG) to demonstrate the potential benefits and economic gains created by its efforts at both a local and statewide level. Collectively, these reports demonstrate the promise of RURCBOG to positively transform the Camden and New Jersey economies while serving as a good neighbor in the process.

In the first report, ESI outlined the importance of “Eds and Meds” as an economic engine for the City and State. The second report estimated the magnitude of this impact on the City and State economies and on their tax bases, and described why this impact matters for the City and State’s overall economic competitiveness. The third report took a closer look at how RURCBOG will benefit the residents of Camden through economic gains, employment and educational opportunities, along with the services and programs for local residents.

ESI discovered that the Board of Governors and its campus in downtown Camden will offer economic profit from construction and operations, educational and employment opportunities for local residents, as well as health and wellness services for the Camden community. In addition, this development will provide a range of needed resources and desired amenities for the surrounding community.

Based on these reports, ESI concluded that RURCBOG is not only a driver of economic competitiveness for the State of New Jersey as a whole, but also a beneficial presence in the immediate community in which it serves.

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