The State of Cell and Gene Therapy in the Greater Philadelphia Region

Commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and researched by Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI), The State of Cell and Gene Therapy in the Greater Philadelphia Region compares cell and gene therapy (CGT) hubs in five key categories: research infrastructure, human capital, innovation output, commercial activity, and value proposition, ranking Philadelphia as second overall among 14 major hubs of CGT in the US. Within each category of ranking, ESI found that:

  • Philadelphia researchers are national leaders in receiving NIH funding for CGT research, with $317M in awards since 2018.
  • A concentration of research infrastructure is one of the most important resources in creating a biomedical innovation hub, primarily in the form of top-tier research universities, which serve as the magnet for human capital, research grants, and corporate partnerships.
  • Strong patent and clinical trial activity in Greater Philadelphia include over 300 CGT patents approved over the last decade and approximately 130 clinical trials of novel therapies held.
  • In addition to the research and capital needed to become a world class CGT hub, Greater Philadelphia is an extremely livable region, boasting some of the world’s best museums, top notch restaurants, and large open spaces at a comparatively affordable price.
  • Greater Philadelphia is the place where CGT was born and is where many growing companies want to locate.

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