The State of North Broad 2020

North Broad Street is one of Philadelphia’s most prominent corridors, anchoring adjacent neighborhoods, supporting businesses and community mainstays, and connecting residents to entertainment, retail, and jobs. The North Broad Renaissance (NBR) target area spans from City Hall to Germantown Avenue and touches the eight neighborhoods of Center City East, Center City West, Poplar, Fairmount, North Central, Hartranft, Fairhill, and Allegheny West.

Each year, ESI is retained by North Broad Renaissance (NBR) to conduct a comprehensive review of the North Broad area. The 2020 report details the demographics, assets, and development in the target area.

This year, in addition to maintaining its programs, NBR will focus on three additional opportunities that will help move North Broad in the right direction:

  • The Creation of the North Broad Business Improvement District
  • Impactful Business Attraction and Retention Strategies
  • Powerful Public/Private Partnerships

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