Dick Voith, a president and principal at Econsult Solutions, offered his thoughts to Newsworks.org on PennDOT’s options as Harrisburg grapples with funding issues.

Weight limits posted on the bridges back to Harrisburg funding battle.

August 1, 2013

By Emma Jacobs, @ecjacobs

However, Dick Voith, the head of former Gov. Ed Rendell’s Transportation Funding and Reform Commission, says PennDOT could certainly use every tool at its disposal. Gridlock in the Legislature, he said, looks worse than it ever has in the 30 years he’s followed the news from Harrisburg.

“What has always happened is, at the end, there’s been bipartisan agreement after a lot of fighting and bickering, and at least an adequate bill was produced in time to stave off really serious problems,” he said. “This year, I’m not seeing the level of discourse that’s needed to generate a rational bill to fund transportation.” >Click Here to read the full story.

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