In association with Group Melvin Design and The Riddle Company, Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) produced a sustainable downtown marketing and design strategy for the City of Williamsburg, VA, as commissioned by the Williamsburg Economic Development Office and Planning Department. The purpose of this report was to create a sustainable and vibrate downtown through strengthening downtown’s appeal and support the City and investors in the decision making process, minimize the risk and maximize the chance for success. This place also attempts to build upon Williamsburg’s unique sense of place and looks to support growth by utilizing the historic, natural and cultural assets of downtown Williamsburg. Upon completion of the analysis of Williamsburg, the team used strategic placemaking to develop four levels of improvement for the area to meet the goals of the development plan. First, the team identified so-called “activity nodes”, or areas that will draw visitors to modern  amenities and vibrant spaces within the downtown areas. Second, different routes to connect and travel between various nodes were identified for both public streets and pedestrian paths. Next, different programming and event possibilities were considered to help drive traffic and attention to the downtown area. Lastly, the plan provides recommendations for the possible phasing and recommendations for the implementation of these plans to ensure the continued success of Williamsburg moving forward.

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