Digitalization, Density and Development: Where to Invest Post COVID-19?

ESI Principal Richard Voith joined the ACCCIM-ANBOUND Forum on Digital City Development in a Post-COVID Era on June 23 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Voith’s presentation focused on “Digitalization, Density and Development: Where to Invest Post COVID-19?”

Dr. Voith began his presentation posing a few questions including, “Will the future be different in the path of urbanization?” and “Will cities resume to their traditional roles as innovation centers?”

During the presentation, Dr. Voith creates scenarios of what the future may look like, including declining density in cities, cities returning to “normal”, or if digitalization can make cities expand. He makes the case for all scenarios, citing early evidence as we ween out of the pandemic and potential consequences of each scenario.

He argues that future investment needs to be in both the public and private sectors. Public investment needs to be in high-quality transit and smart technology to ensure safe, high-quality of life. The private sector needs to adapt existing infrastructure for highly flexible urban workplaces and logistic facilities.

We thank our partners at ANBOUND for allowing ESI to join the engaging and informative event with experts from around the world to share the experience of digital city development in our respective countries, helping to contribute to Malaysia’s digitalization progress in the post-COVID era.

Watch the presentation:

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