CEO-Council-thumbEconsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) and CEO Council for Growth, an initiative of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, have teamed up to release the Technology Transfer and Commercialization study, which examines the Philadelphia region’s economic growth into the future.

The study sought to lay a road map on how the Philadelphia region can further capitalize on its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship while measuring how the region stacks up with other leading regions around the country.

The study also set an “overachieving” goal for the region’s research institutions to create 10 companies that will grow to a liquidity event of $100 million or more over the course of next 10 years.

Lee Huang, ESI senior vice president and principal, was on hand to help publicly release the study during the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s State of Entrepreneurship event on Thursday, Dec. 11. Huang was also on a panel at the event and answered questions on the study and how the region can prioritize both research and innovation to help its ventures become more prosperous.

ESI director Dan Miles also played a key role in helping to put the Technology Transfer and Commercialization study together.

You can find a link to the full study by visiting our report page.

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