ESI Principal Lee Huang Discusses Position as Philadelphia School Board Member

ESI Senior Vice President and Principal, Lee Huang, was interviewed on the Committee of Seventy, a podcast focused on current events and challenges facing the City of Philadelphia. Serving as a newly appointed member of the Philadelphia Board of Education, Huang speaks about the extensive training process he and other board members endured in preparation for the position, including boot-camp-like training and an energetic listening tour of the city.

In the episode, titled “New era, but familiar challenges for Philly’s schools”, Huang discusses the numerous challenges within the Philadelphia school system and how he and his fellow board members plan to address them. After taking part in the five-stop listening tour, where approximately 400 people attended each session, the Board of Education has been able to internalize the hopes and concerns the people of Philadelphia have regarding public schooling. A major concern within the community and a priority for the new board is to ensure an equitable growth among all schools within the district in all aspects.

Additionally, the members of the board are emphasizing their accessibility and intent to acknowledge the interests and worries of the community. Huang discusses the need for a collaborative and responsive relationship between the board and the community, including parents and teachers, which will allow all voices to be heard.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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