ESI ThoughtLab Takes Thought Leadership to the Next Level

February 8, 2018 — (Philadelphia, PA) Roubini ThoughtLab, a specialist in evidence-based thought leadership, and Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI), a leading economic consultancy, today announced the integration of their core competencies into a new business entity: ESI ThoughtLab.

By bringing together ThoughtLab’s innovative research and editorial capabilities with ESI’s unparalleled economic and modeling expertise, ESI ThoughtLab will take thought leadership to the next level—analytics-driven decision support for business and government.

The launch of ESI ThoughtLab, which will operate as the thought leadership arm of ESI, will benefit clients of both Roubini ThoughtLab and ESI. Thought leadership clients will gain access to a broader team of over 100 macro- and micro-economists and industry experts with links to academia, business, and government. Economics clients will benefit from ESI ThoughtLab’s world-class team of thought leadership innovators, researchers, and editors and their extraordinary entrée to corporate and government decision makers around the world.

A Fresh Approach to Thought Leadership

ESI ThoughtLab will sit at the vital intersection of business, technology, and government and will provide a rich portfolio of thought leadership services to help organizations demonstrate value in the analytics age. The research firm will be headquartered in both Philadelphia and New York and draw on analytical resources around the world.

“After working with the world’s top media brands, it has become clear that most editorially-driven thought leadership fails to engage executives,” said Lou Celi, CEO of ESI ThoughtLab. “We plan to go beyond traditional thought leadership by combining visionary thinking with rigorous economic analysis to create actionable decision support backed up by a clear business case.”

“Our team of top macro- and micro-economists will enable us to take thought leadership to the next logical level,” said Dr. Richard Voith, President of ESI. “Our people have the ability not just to forecast future technological, economic, and market trends, but to analyze what they will mean for companies, consumers, and cities—and the impact on business and government performance.”

As part of its mission, ESI ThoughtLab will bring together corporate and academic institutions to collaborate on innovative thought leadership programs. ESI ThoughtLab is now working together with the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Urban Research and the Smart Cities Council, along with leading organizations, to launch Smarter Cities 2025, a pioneering research program that will provide a road map and business case for the city of the future. Next month, ESI ThoughtLab will start development of an innovative cybersecurity index and benchmarking tool with a group of companies and WSJ Pro Cybersecurity, a business division of the Wall Street Journal.

“Creating true thought leadership is a team sport,” said Lou Celi. “By bringing together a multidisciplinary team of economists, academic experts and business leaders, we can ensure the value, acuity, and relevancy of our research.”

About ESI ThoughtLab

ESI ThoughtLab is an innovative think tank that offers fresh ideas and evidence-based analysis to help business and government leaders understand and respond to economic, industry and technological shifts around the world.  Our team of over 40 economic, industry, and thought leadership specialists excel at creating valuable decision support content that combines visionary thinking, analytical excellence, and multi-format content delivery. We draw on our unparalleled global network of experts, in-country analysts, and research partners to conduct all forms of thought leadership—from surveys, executive panels and interviews to interactive indexes, infographics, and models.

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