The Importance of Internships

Econsult Solutions is committed to promoting and supporting education and advancement for college students who are interested in interning at ESI. We offer a hands-on experience in a real world setting. You can learn more about our internship opportunities and qualifications by clicking here. 


Internships are only as good as you make them. As a student at Drexel University, there are a vast number of opportunities available to gain experience and succeed in the real world. Through the co-op program, students in their second, third, and fourth years have the ability to work full-time for six months in their field of choice. While co-op is not available at most schools, internships are. Though internships and co-ops differ in some ways, they are similar in that they are vital to a student’s overall success.

Every year, the job market is increasingly competitive for college graduates, making it consistently more difficult to stand out among their peers. Employers will receive hundreds of resumes, and without a well-written cover letter and prior industry experience, your resume will most likely be tossed aside.

Set yourself apart

Not only are internships a necessity for your resume, they are also an invaluable learning experience. One benefit of working as an intern is receiving hands-on training in the field you are interested in and/or studying. Gaining industry-specific skills and knowledge will be beneficial when applying them in the real world. Furthermore, these skills may help distinguish you from other applicants for certain positions.

Similarly, internships help build your professional portfolio and provide a plethora of anecdotes to pull from when applying or interviewing for a job. Being able to knowledgeably speak about experiences in which you demonstrated leadership, team work, work ethic, and other skills that employers often seek is a major advantage.

working togetherLearn what you want to do – and don’t want to do

Internships allow students to explore an industry of interest and receive valuable insight into whether or not it is what they want to do. Years spent as an undergraduate student are ultimately meant to help determine what the right career path is for each student. With no professional experience in a chosen field of interest, how can anyone know if it is what they want to pursue? These realizations are better to have as an intern, with the ability to change course, rather than as a graduated student.

You only get what you give

Excelling as an intern and rising above the title can advance students in more ways than one. Not only will employers be open to acting as a reference, but they may just offer you a full-time position. Whether the job is something you enjoy or not, it is always beneficial to put your best foot forward, demonstrate a strong initiative, and an eagerness to learn. Cruising through your internship while investing only minimal effort will not do you any favors.

Internships also provide opportunities for networking and making valuable connections. Every employee at a company is someone you can network with, so it is imperative that you take advantage of forming as many professional relationships as possible. Down the road if you are struggling to find a job, these individuals can be called upon for help.

Build confidence

work officeInternships are a great way to apply what you have learned in the classroom prior to entering the work world. While interns are held to a high standard, it is still an environment where mistakes are expected and utilized as opportunities to learn. The internship setting is one that facilitates improvement and allows students to acquire a basic understanding of what the real world is like, rather than learning the hard way in their first job post-graduation.

The more confident and comfortable you are, the easier it will be to hit the ground running with any future employment opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

Working in a professional environment before graduation is something every student should take advantage of. The skills and experience gained is invaluable and propels students towards their goals. Internships are almost always expected by employers when looking at prospective hires, making it even more important that students pursue this type of experience in their undergraduate years.

Working as a Drexel co-op at Econsult Solutions has been an unforgettable experience. I have cultivated a number of soft and hard skills, as well as learned my own capabilities and what I have to offer the professional world. As I approach graduation, I am continuously realizing the true value that this experience has added to both my personal and professional life.


Emma Hart has worked as a Drexel Co-Op/intern with ESI for the past year. Emma works as a marketing assistant and is a part of the Business Development and Marketing team. Ms. Hart is a Senior at Drexel University, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, graduating in June of 2019.


We thank Emma for all of her hard work this past year, and wish her all the best with graduation and in her future endeavors!

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