Old City, New Look

Old City District in Philadelphia has long been a tourist destination for American history lovers. With 4.3 million annual visitors to the Independence National Historic Park and the recent honor of being named America’s first World Heritage City, Old City has solidified itself a top historic landmark in the U.S.

While this deep rooted history invites visitors from across the globe, Old City District has become much more than a relic of the Founding Fathers. Since the start of the new century, the district has seen enormous growth. To accommodate the ever increasing population, new developments in housing, expansion of business, and diversification of retail and services have become a priority. Old City has transformed into a place to live, work, and play. Top shops and restaurants line the streets. Innovative businesses pop up on every corner. Different art galleries, theaters, and cultural organizations fill up the blocks. Within the historical infrastructure, a modern neighborhood has blossomed.

Take a look at the evolution of Old City and its continued work to become a neighborhood for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. For the full story, check out The State of Old City report.




Lauren Bauman is a Marketing Assistant at Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) and a student at Drexel University studying Global Studies with a focus in International Business and Economics.

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