Wealth & Asset Management 4.0: Digital , Social, and Economic Shifts

The ongoing pandemic has been a watershed event for businesses and their customers around the world, particularly for the wealth and asset management industry. The crisis has rapidly sped up digital, social, economic, demographic, and regulatory shifts that were already transforming the industry. But the pandemic also has prompted investors to reexamine their life priorities, investment plans, and the way they interact with their wealth management providers.

Join ESI ThoughtLab, FinTech B2B Marketing, and advisory board members of the Wealth and Asset Management 4.0 research study for an interactive panel discussion examining the megatrends disrupting the industry and the future of wealth and asset management. Hear from industry experts and insiders from Charles Schwab & Co., Deloitte, and eToro.

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  • Moderator: Payal Raina – Founder, FinTech B2B Marketing
  • Andrew D’Anna – Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Gauthier Vincent – Lead Wealth Management Consulting Partner, Deloitte
  • Ronen Assia – Co-founder, eToro
  • Lou Celi – CEO, ESI ThoughtLab

Discussion Points:

  • Why is this research so timely and important now?
  • What are the biggest disruptors impacting the wealth and asset management industry today?
  • How has the pandemic accelerated the transformation of the industry?
  • What lasting changes should we expect in how work gets done and clients are serviced?
  • How are investors’ behaviors, priorities, and expectations changing, and how are firms adapting their products and services to meet their clients’ needs?

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