Will Hyper-Digitization Drive the Next Industrial Revolution

The Work Ahead

ThoughtLab CEO, Louis Celi reports on key findings of The Work Ahead in the January 19 issue of the EconoMonitor. ThoughtLab’s research, conducted with Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, found that the next wave of smart technologies will turbo-boost the digital revolution – with a net result of adding trillions of dollars to worldwide GDP growth.

 “Regardless of your industry or even business size, your work ahead will be influenced by digital technology. Digital will change not only how we conduct business but also how we educate, govern and provide healthcare,” writes Celi.

The Work Ahead, a study that gained insights from 2,000 top executives of leading companies around the world, reveals that in the next phase of digitization, which will carry us into the next decade, businesses will harness game-changing technologies becoming hyper-digitized, fostering revenue growth, cost savings, productivity, and worker engagement.

 Read Louis Celi’s complete article in Roubini Global Economics’s EconoMonitor.

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