Procurement Analysis and Benchmarking Study

In 2022, ESI worked with the University of Notre Dame in conducting a procurement analysis and a benchmarking study to further expand the reach of the University’s Procurement Services and continue to advance economic equity.

ESI conducted a procurement analysis to primarily observe the current Utilization levels of minority- and women-owned businesses relative to their Availability levels. This analysis serves as a key indicator of sectors of interest in increasing the utilization of more diverse suppliers. Further, ESI assisted in providing benchmarking research in examining best practices methods used by peer institutions’ procurement departments. In this benchmarking study, the primary areas of exploration included definitions, leadership and commitment, organization & infrastructure, purchasing policies, programming & events, partnerships & collaboratives, and metrics & reporting.

Based on the findings of these analyses, ESI provided a series of five key recommendations for the University of Notre Dame to employ to increase economic and social impact.

Key Technical Applications
  • Procurement Analysis
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

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