Overseas Chinese Students at U.S. Universities – a Geopolitical Perspective

What are some major points to consider, or questions that we should be asking to gauge how well we as universities and institutions here in the United States work with Chinese students? Such is the primary focus of Dr. Benajmin B. Olshin in the following video. Dr. Olshin is a consultant and former professor of industrial design, among other subjects. He has taught both in the United States and well as in Asia. Having been apart of multiple cross-cultural projects in mainland China and Taiwan, Dr. Olshin has extensive experience working in a cross-cultural context between the United States and China, especially from an educational perspective.

The following discussion is split into two parts, the first being about the topics of initial and current motivations of Chinese students coming to the U.S. for education, and taking a look inside U.S. universities. The second part consists of the topics of the actual setting of U.S. universities and Chinese students experiences in them, the goals that U.S. universities have, looking forward to the future of Chinese enrollment in at U.S. universities.





Benjamin B. Olshin

Benjamin B. Olshin | [email protected]

Benjamin B. Olshin, Ph.D. possesses extensive experience in cross-cultural management consulting, organizational development and executive training, program and project evaluation, branding and design, and science and technology policy. After several early stints in Asia working as both a designer and professor of design, he returned to the U.S. and served as an executive of training and organizational development with a global branding firm. Dr. Olshin went on to set up his own consultancy, S2R, specializing in a variety of areas, including branding and design, qualitative research and analysis, expert presentations and workshops, and customized consulting services. Global in focus, Dr. Olshin has been involved in projects in Sri Lanka, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Ghana, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. in the fields of design, development and sustainability, and communications. In addition, Dr. Olshin works an academic, in the fields of industrial design, history and sociology of science and technology, philosophy, and business.

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