Top Ten Present Value Posts from 2023

As 2023 winds down, we’re looking back on some of our most popular Present Value posts. From local and national topics to past projects and thought leadership, these articles showcase the breadth and depth of what ESI has to offer. Scroll down to see if your favorites are here, and catch up on anything you missed.


10. Understanding the Economic Impact of Film-Induced Tourism

Frank Robinson, Vice President

ESI has worked with local and state governments across the United States on a wide range of economic development strategies. This included an opportunity for film-induced tourism, which allows travelers to seek out destinations from popular movies and TV shows. This article highlights the Douglas Film Trail, located in Douglas County, which includes famous locations from the filming of movies and TV shows.


9. The Impact of Predictive Policing

Patrick Darcy & Samriddhi Khare, ESI Center for the Future of Cities Fellows

As technology advances, it’s important to understand the impact of predictive policing. This article written by Patrick Darcy and Samriddhi Khare discusses how the United States is ushering in a new age of security with new policing and surveillance tactics. Predictive policing is known to use advanced algorithms and other forms of technology to analyze current and historical data in order to predict and prevent crime, albeit at the expense of personal privacy.


8. A Clash of Tradition and Economics: How Changing Media Markets Shape the College Football Landscape

Justin Hill, Analyst

Ever wonder how a changing media landscape shapes college football? In this article, Justin Hill explains that the driving force behind this are the financial incentives that come with having a popular football program. As larger broadcast deals motivate conference realignments in the NCAA, looking back on historical trends can help explain the present.


7. A Q&A with our Summer 2023 Center for the Future of Cities Fellows

Norah Serverson, Business Development & Marketing Assistant

Over the summer, ESI conducted a Q&A with our Summer 2023 Center for the Future of Cities Fellows, written by Norah Serverson. This Q&A was dedicated to Patrick Dary and Samriddhi Khare during their time here, as an opportunity for our fellows to express their goals, what interested them the most about ESI, and where they hope to be after graduation.


6. Atlanta’s Quest for Homeownership: The Alarming Affordable Housing Crisis

Patrick Darcy & Samriddhi Khare

Research by Patrick Darcy and Samriddhi Khare in “Atlanta’s Quest for Homeownership: The Alarming Affordable Housing Crisis,” discusses how the cost of housing has grown to an untenable point, using Atlanta as an example. However, with collaborative efforts, there are hopes to preserve better living conditions for generations to come.


5. Better Understanding NJEDA’s Aspire Program

Stephen Madsen, Associate Director

In this article, Stephen Madsen discusses important eligibility requirements for NJEDA’s Aspire Program. Eligibility depends on your location, project size, surpassing minimum cost thresholds, developer equity, and demonstrating the importance of the project and its positive benefits.


4. Building Climate Resilience: Developing an Index for Nine U.S. Cities

Patrick Darcy & Samriddhi Khare, ESI Center for the Future of Cities Fellows

As Patrick Darcy and Samriddhi Khare began their process of building a climate resilience index, they discussed their choices regarding which cities to compare, as well as which metrics to evaluate. The selection of cities was based on population sizes and growth rates, and the metrics encompass both quantitative and qualitative measures.


3. Lessons from Philadelphia’s Southeast Asian Market at FDR Park

Atara Saunders, Research Assistant

This article written by Atara Saunders revolves around Philadelphia’s deep and rich food traditions with restaurants, local eats, the culinary centers, and more specifically, FDR Park’s Southeast Asian Market. This market has had economic and cultural success in Philadelphia due to a variety of factors. Some include accessibility of the space, the investment of uniqueness, importance of community organizers, and bringing the community together through the shared love of food.


2. Can your Downtown Benefit from Office Conversions?

David Stanek, Vice President

In this article written by Dr. David Stanek details the enduring impacts that the downtown areas in the United States have faced since the COVID-19 pandemic. ESI supported New York City’s Office Adaptive Reuse Task Force in developing a report that listed recommendations to increase its number of office to residential conversions.


1. 10 for 10: Economic Development

Gina Lavery, Senior Vice President & Principal

ESI celebrated our ten-year anniversary with “10 for 10: Economic Development,” written by Gina Lavery. This article highlighted ten economic development projects ESI completed since 2013. Some featured projects include the Economic Analysis of Detroit’s Food System, Comparative Analysis of Innovation Districts, Charting the Multiple Meaning of Blight, and more.



Norah Serverson | [email protected]

Norah Serverson is a Marketing Assistant at Econsult Solutions Inc. (ESI) supporting the Business Development and Marketing Department. Ms. Serverson is currently a student at La Salle University studying Marketing and Communication.

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