Top Ten Present Value Posts from 2022

As we draw near to the end of 2022, we recap at our highest viewed Present Value articles from this year. As part of this, ESI would like to give special thanks to all of our staff, interns, senior advisors, clients, and colleagues that contributed to Present Value in 2022. We look forward to providing even more thought provoking content in 2023!

Who will take the top spot as our most viewed blog post of the year? Scroll down to find out.

10. Cities of the Future Must Be Heat Resilient: A Framework for Combating Urban Heat Islands by Kendra Hills
Kendra Hills examines “urban heat islands” as cities face rising temperatures. She explores causes, impacts, and provides a framework for heat resiliency that could be beneficial for all.


9. Adaptive Reuse – Moving Forward in a Post-Pandemic World by Peter A. Angelides and Salvatore Gullotta
Dr. Peter Angelides and Salvatore Gullotta examine adaptive reuse and how, if done correctly, it can be a fantastic opportunity for giving new life to structures and cities.


8. Expert Views: Developing an Equitable Growth Strategy for Cities by Lee Huang and Frank Robinson

Lee Huang and Frank Robinson discuss what it takes for communities to address persistent economic inequities in a competitive, fast-moving, and uncertain global economy with members of the firm’s senior advisory board whose work focuses on equity and inclusion.


7. The Future of Cities Requires Refining What it Means to be a Smart City by Steve Wray
Steve Wray calls for a refining of what it means to be a ‘smart city’ while highlighting key objectives of the newly launched ESI Center for the Future of Cities.


6. Prioritizing Equity in EV Infrastructure Planning with Data by Kendra Hills
Kendra Hills examines the extraordinary potential of EV infrastructure, as well as some of the drawbacks. She postulates that, through the use of data and powerful analytical tools, EVs can become more effective, accessible, and equitable.


5. Unlocking Potential Economic Benefits for Low-Income EV Consumers by Kendra Hills and Frank Robinson
Frank Robinson and Kendra Hills highlight the unlocked potential of electric vehicles, along with the current pitfalls preventing the industry from being truly equitable and accessible for all.


4. ESI’s Favorite Places to Eat by Salvatore Gullotta
Salvatore Gullotta takes a look at the firm’s favorite places to eat around Philadelphia.


3. Using Public Libraries as a Framework for Smart Cities by Kendra Hills
Kendra Hills reviews the role of public libraries as innovation hubs and examines how they will continue to be integral sources of connectivity serving entrepreneurial ecosystems as communities make progress in establishing smart city initiatives.


2. Sustainability is the Greatest Challenge of All and Here is Why by Rob Fleming
Rob Fleming takes a critical look at sustainability efforts to date and demonstrates how empathy can create long-term change on a global scale to achieve an authentically sustainable future.


1.  Addressing Systemic Inequalities to Foster Equitable Growth by Michael Pearson
Michael Pearson examines how systemic discrimination and inequities can be addressed to advance equitable growth. He explores three key priorities that aim to address social determinates that perpetuate the historic gap in economic equality.


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