Present Value’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

wordcloud We hope you have enjoyed our 2017 posts  and look forward to what we have in store for 2018. As always, we will continue publishing quality content on urban issues with key insights from experts spanning all areas of expertise. As 2017 draws to a close we take a look back at our most read posts from the year. Below are the top ten posts:

  1. Philadelphia Housing Prices Are Up 22% in the Last 12 Months

    Former Director Jonathan Tannen examines the annual growth in prices using ESI’s Philadelphia Housing Index and tries to determine if this dramatic rise will settle into steady growth, or the sign of a looming housing bubble?

  2. Examining Philly’s Voter Turnout

    Where do people vote in District Attorney elections? Jonathan Tannen critically reviews voter turnout based on the offices up for election, the attention they garner neighborhood by neighborhood, and the competitiveness of key election years versus off-year elections.

  3. Cheers to Beers! Breaking Down the Concept of Economic Impact with a Beer (or Two)

    Andrea Mannino takes us on a tour of craft breweries in Philadelphia while giving an overview of their economic impact on the local economy. In addition to providing new drinking and dining spots, these breweries and brewpubs create new jobs, attract spending in our regional economy, and spread the Philadelphia brand.

  4. Visualizing Travel Flows in the Greater Philadelphia Region Using DVRPC Household Travel Survey Data

    Jing Liu examines regional traffic patterns using survey data taken from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC). With her interactive map, she is able to determine what time of day has the heaviest traffic, where commuters are traveling to and from, and what the average travel time and distance is in addition to mode of transportation.

  5. Mapping the Affordability in Philadelphia

    Gina Lavery and Jing Liu use the Philadelphia Housing Index to map the city’s housing inventory and compare affordability by different income levels. For this post, they look at the spatial distribution of affordable housing stock and the house price changes in the same neighborhoods facing affordability issues.

  6. The El’s Impact on Neighborhood Premium

    ESI takes a ride across Philadelphia by way of the Market-Frankford Line (more commonly referred to as the El) exploring the varying impacts the rail line has on housing prices within each neighborhood it travels through. Our ride runs from West Philly, through Center City, and up into the River Wards to Frankford.

  7. Philadelphia’s Skyline will Soar to New Heights in 2017

    Mike Daly highlights a few of the newest developments within the City of Philadelphia with anticipated completion dates in 2017. These projects lift the city to new heights, offer luxurious amenities, and  push Philadelphia’s growing neighborhoods upward.

  8. The Effect of Handing Out Candidate Listings at Polling Places

    Our team analyzes the effects of handing out listings of candidate recommendations outside of polling places before Philadelphia’s Municipal Primary. Before the election, ESI was approached by the Philadelphia Bar Association to measure the effect of having volunteers hand out listings of their recommendations outside of polling places.

  9. Could Center City Homes Be Driving Millennials Out?

    Gina Lavery and Jing Liu explore the relationship between the changing millennial composition within the City of Philadelphia and how it affects neighborhoods and the real estate market. To help visualize their argument, an interactive map was created which shows where millennial growth has happened between 2010 and 2015.

  10. Ballot Position Matters, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

    Where does ballot position matter most? The ESI team revisits the impact ballot position has within neighborhoods and subsequently on election results by analyzing and comparing the varying extent of ballot position on voters.

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