Supporting Governments with Analysis and Insights

Recent months have brought unprecedented challenges for governments of all types as they seek to provide safety, prosperity and equity for their citizens. In recent months, ESI’s Government and Public Policy team has worked with our clients across multiple levels of government to help them with both the nuts and bolts and big picture challenges in managing their finances, ensure their resiliency and enhancing inclusive economic opportunities.

Here are some of the challenges we have been working on over the past few months:

We helped numerous municipalities better understand likely revenue streams in the aftermath of COVID, including a consortium of municipalities in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Learn more about Financial Projections in the Age of COVID: Bucks County Consortium

We helped the city of Wilmington, Delaware to develop a communications and marketing strategy to position itself for investment in neighborhoods designated as Qualified Opportunity Zones and to develop a downtown office incentive program. Learn more about Opportunity Zone Investment and Development Strategy for Wilmington, Delaware

We continued to help the city of Chester, Pennsylvania through its financial recovery process through budget and financial assistance, operational management support, capital improvement planning and economic development efforts. Learn more about Act 47 Recovery Coordinator for City of Chester

We helped the State of Colorado to understand the implications of shortfalls in retirement savings, contributing to a set of recommendations to the state legislature that led to the creation of a new retirement savings program from private sector workers. Learn more about The Fiscal Impacts of Insufficient Retirement Savings in Colorado

We helped the state of Montana to understand the economic, fiscal and societal impacts from film and television production in the state associated with a recently implemented tax credit program. Learn more about The Economic Impact of Montana Film Production: An Analysis of the Industry and the MEDIA Act, 2019-2020

We are currently helping the State of New Hampshire to understand the nature of potential constraints on its workforce including social vulnerabilities, child care needs, and benefit program design to help the state target policy and resources in its recovery efforts. Learn more about Analysis of Employment Constraints in New Hampshire

We helped a disaster-prone island to understand its resilience across key sectors like health, economy and housing, and advanced recommendations to bolster underlying factors to build resilience in these areas. Learn more about Building Resilience in a Disaster-Prone Island

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