ESI Proudly Promotes Eight Staff Members

ESI is happy to announce the following staff promotions:
“We strive for ESI to be a place where our people can thrive and advance, and we’re so proud to watch each of these staff members grow and flourish here.”
– Stephen Mullin, President & Principal

Ian and Peiyong have demonstrated their ability to direct and co-direct projects, and we are excited to have them continue to excel in these and other roles as Associate Directors.

Ian BowenIan Bowen joined ESI for its Summer Research Assistant program in 2011, and has been with ESI ever since. He specializes in litigation support, competitive grant applications, impact modeling, and IT work. Ian received his Bachelor of Science in Economics with minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and Philosophy from Drexel University.
Peiyong Yu joined ESI in 2016 after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and receiving a Master’s degree in City Planning with a concentration in Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning. His areas of specialization are economic impact of real estate and transportation projects, data mining, statistical and spatial analysis, and public policy assessment.

Carlos, Nicola, Julia, Michele, and Alix have demonstrated their ability to serve as critical team members on projects in terms of running analyses and supervising complex tasks, and we are excited to have them continue to excel in these and other roles as Senior Analysts.
Carlos Bonilla joined ESI as an Analyst in 2016. He specializes in input-output modeling, economic impact analysis, scripting and automation, and GIS related analyses. Carlos received his Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Urban Studies, with a minor in Environmental Studies at Temple University in 2016.


Nicola Coakley joined ESI in 2019 after several years in the nonprofit sector and specializes in policy analysis and local government work. Nicola received her BA in Economics, magna cum laude, from Lafayette College with a minor in Government & Law in 2014.


Julia CohenJulia Cohen joined ESI in 2019 as an Analyst after working with ESI as a Research Assistant. She received a dual Master’s in City Planning and Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania and received her BA in Art History from Carleton College. She specializes in local development activity and spatial analysis, and is interested in the use of data to support equitable community development goals.
Michele PlaugicMichele Plaugic joined ESI in 2019 with experience in land use and transportation planning, public health, and quantitative and spatial analysis. She has a Master of Public Health and a Master of City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


Alix SullivanAlix Sullivan joined ESI in 2019 as an Analyst and received her MS in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 and her BA from James Madison University in 2014. She specializes in policy analysis and local government work.

Lindsay has taken on more and more roles on the Business Development and Marketing team and we’re glad to promote her to Senior Business Development and Marketing Associate and have her continue to flourish.

Lindsay Durkalec joined the firm in 2018 where she supports the business development team. She helps manage ESI’s website, social media channels, and blog. Lindsay received her Bachelor’s degrees in Strategic Communication and Public Relations from Temple University in 2017.


“Talent is the name of the game in our line of work, and we feel great about the team we have to support our clients. It’s a tough economy right now but we’re doing our best to survive and thrive, and with the people we have we feel great about our future.”  
– Richard Voith, President and Principal
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