2018 Top 10 Present Value Posts

It has been an outstanding year! With the year wrapping up, we wanted to show off the top ten Present Value posts from 2018. With content from industry experts in economics, public policy, design, real estate, and more, we’re sure there’s something to gauge everyone’s interest.

  1. What Influences the Spread of Kitchen Incubators

Our top blog post of 2018 comes from ESI Analyst Lily Ho. Ms. Ho explores the current landscape of kitchen incubators as well as the regulations and food safety laws which impact them. ESI conducts a national assessment of kitchen incubators every three years, this work includes helping emerging kitchen incubators get off the ground through feasibility studies and business plans.

  1. Fishtown is Booming, Where’s Next?

It’s no wonder the Philadelphia Housing Index made the top 10! In this PHI post, Gina Lavery and Jing Liu examine new construction building permits, looking to see how Philly’s development stacks up compared to previous years.

  1. Six of Philly’s Hidden Gems

Marketing Assistant Emma Hart scouts out six of Philly’s “hidden” gems – places to check out in the area that may not get as much attention as they should. Hart dives into a few areas in Philly, from Center City to South Philly to University City.

  1. How does Social Impact Relate to Real Estate?

ESI’s social impact team walks us through our advisory services to developers incorporating social impacts into their real estate projects. Our team brings unique value-driven analyses and guidance. These services combine our expertise in real estate and affordable housing, community development, and market research. For more information on our social impact services click here.

  1. If you Haven’t Been to Wilmington, DE Recently, it’s Time for a Visit

Senior Advisor Catherine Timko tells us all about a booming hotspot to visit: Wilmington, Delaware. With new green spaces, trails, a sports complex, and more, Timko dives into all Wilmington has to offer!

  1. Exploring Indego Ridership

ESI’s Andrea Mannino and Jing Liu, along with Director of Clinical Statistics at GlaxoSmithKline, Frank Mannino, explore cycling patterns in Philadelphia using data from Indego, Philadelphia’s public bicycle sharing system. They evaluate the effects of these patterns, as well as potential future changes to the system.

  1. Step-by-Step: Machine Learning

Part of our Step By Step series, Carlos Bonilla explores Machine Learning, walking us through the process with an example and explaining why its development is important.

  1. Future of Real Estate

Senior Advisors Susan Baltake and Christophe Terlizzi, along with William Luff, Founder of CRE Visions looked at the future of real estate, exploring a variety of key trends that will increasingly impact the real estate industry. These experts examined both residential and commercial trends on the rise.

  1. Center City District and the PHI

In this Present Value post, Gina Lavery and Jing Liu visualize how Philadelphia’s housing has increased across Center City, demonstrating how that growth has expanded beyond what is traditionally considered “downtown” Philadelphia.

  1. A Conversation on Design Thinking

Our experts in design – Hilary Jay, Natalie Nixon, and Benjamin Olshin, answer a few questions about design thinking and offer their thoughts on the state of the field, and how to leverage it moving forward.


ESI would like to thank all of those who contributed to our blog in 2018. We look forward to hearing from our industry experts in the New Year and can’t wait to share new thoughts and ideas with our readers!

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